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Nerf Guns !

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Yalla, the pontiff of fanatism, the defeater of the ravenous NAT

Nerf guns belong to the natural habit of students like water guns, too. And compared to water guns, they are even usable in the office ! Hah, it's such a satifaction to aim at your favorite project-manager or watching your team-assistant running away... smiley - smiley

Unfortunatley it's really not easy to get them outside the US, especially in Germany. But i heard that the avaiability in the UK should be better than on the continent. Hah ! Next time i come over to the UK i must get as much as the customs allow me to take.


Water guns... When the fun runs out.

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Sadly, there are those amongst us for whom the thrill of hydro-firearms is a thin memory of Summers long past. For those people, the only non-lethal projectile combat that still exists is the nerve intoxicating, slight injury defying world of 6mm BB gun play.

Read my findings on this exciting subject that's gripping at least a couple of households throughout the UK. And perhaps Finland, too.

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