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Penguin Girl - returned at last

At my father's house, my room is on the thrid floor. During a party last summer, I filled a large laundry basket with water balloons and hauled them up there, hurling them down at unsuspecting guests....In response, my brother proceeded to fill his desk drawer with water balloons, which have now been there for exactly 10 months.


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Small fish

My brother had thesse really cool things called splash balls. You put them in some water until they were sodden then threw them at people. Brilliant.

Splash Balls

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Penguin Girl - returned at last

I was given thos once too. I haven't been able to take them seriously, however, since a very unfortunate and very funny bra stuffing incident(which I didn't participate in) at an overnight camp.

Splash Balls

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Martin Harper

very funny bra stuffing incident? *DO* tell... smiley - smiley

Splash Balls

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Demon Drawer

How come we all waited 8 weeks to ask?

Please do tell. smiley - smiley

Splash Balls

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Martin Harper

I dunno - I just got here... smiley - smiley

Perhaps everyone else already filled in the details - I mean, Splash Balls, stuffing bras, embarrasment... there's only so many things that it could be, eh?

Lucinda - feels that this is a good time to advertise http://www.h2g2.com/A340110

Splash Balls

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I'm off to play paint ball soon, any tips?

Splash Balls

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Martin Harper

don't try and kill people at a long range - for any sensibly priced gun they just bounce off if you're more than 5m away...

Nerf guns

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Researcher 168323

An alternative to paintball is airsoft, long range, less painful than paintball, fully automatic (heh heh) etc.
On the subject of water guns, I want to make a water balloon throwing trebuchet smiley - smiley


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You might find Nerf objects available for sale on the internet, but it is not a computer game. You actually have to buy the objects - which are usually available at toy stores. The great thing about Nerf products is that no one gets hurt!

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