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Ocean Soul (registered Linux user 390755)

Well, I've seen a PlayStation 2 in action, and I've got to say, it didn't look as good as I expected. Ok, so the graphics do knock spots off the PlayStation's, but there are a few faults. One of the most irritating is with the DVD video. Although this works fine with the ordinary aerial lead provided, if you attempt to use a scart cable to improve the picture quality, everything goes green! Me and my mates tried various different scart leads for the PlayStation and PS2. They all did the same. Eventually, I, erm, persuaded the owner to ask the shop what was going on, and was told it's a fault known by Sony. I've since discovered this is not a fault with all the consoles, but it's definitely not a one-off. I guess my advice is, the PS2's a good console, but don't treat it as an alternative to a decent DVD player.

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The PS2 doesn't have the BEST graphics out there as of yet, but looking at games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, you'll notice that the graphics get better and better as developers get a handle of the console. But remember, graphics aren't everything. Not EVERY game on the PS2 is a must have, but there are tons of great games to play, even if reviews have said otherwise.

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although the ps2 has a long way to go before it renders all other games consoles useless (something it probably never will achieve)in the meantime there is a great deal to get excited about. games like Oni, Smugglers Run and SSX prove how good the console can be, and how much better it will get.
Personally i am hanging to have a go at Metal Gear Solid 2 and Tony Hawk 3, the predecessors on the playstation were SUCH good games that the possibility of expanding them is to me real exciting stuff.
hikers, i'm excitied.

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Gran Turismo 3
Ive had it for about two weeks and it is the best driving game I've seen yet. Granted I have both of the other GT games, and have been impatiently waiting for GT3. But it is so much diffrent than all the other driving games. The variety of tracks, cars, and mods for the cars keeps it so far ahead of all other games. Ridge Racer, Nascar, all cannot keep up. Graphics are great, not perfect, but better than any of the others.
Having to get liscences to drive certain races is one of the best parts. It is a royal pain in the a##.
Another change in GT3 is it is not as easy to cut across the dirt, you dont carry speed well. Also the touch sensitive accellerator and brakes are a welcomed addition. And although there are fewer cars in GT3, the cars missing will not be missed.
And the complex string course is nauseating!!! Take a took at it, and it is worse than it looks to drive.
And one last point, be patient, it takes a long time to get a decient car. But the Mitsubishi Evolution is the car to get. It is reletively inexpensive, and it it is 4WD, turbo and it is QUICK!

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try GTA3. now that is a good game. not only do you drive around (mostly crash around) but, you get to kill everyone you meet. Granted, the scenarios aren't realistic, but who cares? the cars are really cool, plus witht he combined effet of the great graphix ps2 has, its a great turnout. the guns are a great effect to, the ability to go around and shoot, but the main idea is the cars. you get to jump in front of one (they stop) and then you throw the owner out and drive away happy with ur "purchase". its great, and so are the drivebys, and the radio (listen to chatterbox- i play men's games, like football and hopskotch) and the crashes-not like the other ones where ur car just gets trashed, but his, depending on the strength of the car (i.e., beetle to a fire truck) it cana take a certain amount of damage before u must leave and it will blow (BOOMsmiley - biggrin) plus, this is fun, u can just drive a car inot traffic (the other cars wont hit you, just honk their horns) and get out-they'll be stuck
one prob if your young-very graphic, muchas cursing

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Researcher 204193

The green screen is caused by lack of RGB output (RED, GREEN, BLUE) for DVD playback on the ps2. This was a 'decision' by sony to prevent the copying of RGB quality output. I personaly feel and so do many more that this is totally silly. Just two reasons: 1. Any other DVD player CAN do this (all sony DVD players too ???crazy????), and do a better job of it. 2.the games are RGB so if you by an RGB cable for better looking games then all the films will be green. The encoding is easy to correct though, a region x disc for sale worldwide can overcome this and make the ps2 multiregion too. so a quite pointless feature, this has just caused hassle to their customers and little else. buy a DVD player instead (has a remote, with an OFF switch- nice one again sony) and a gamecube (as powerful as xbox but with better games and at a quarter of the size, it also has atention to detail in design (controllers) that the others can't touch, and for less money)

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Mark Time

I could use some help here, son of Mark Time has been very good at school this term & my half of the bargain is a games console for Xmas, my short list is PS2 or Gamecube (Bill Gates has had enough of my hard earned so Xbox is out).
I feel the PS2 may have the edge (DVD function, PS1 games compatible etc) but I might be missing something, anyone got any well reasoned arguments for one or the other??

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I would say PS2 any time. But it does depend on your sons age. Gamecube is (mainly) aimed at a younger audience. But the added advantages do make the S2 win hands down.

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Thats PS2 not S2!
Remember, the N64, dreamcast and Sega Saturn were all technically superior to the PS1, but the gaming made the PS1 win hands down.

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I think you're absolutely right. The Playstation has the advantage that it is an adequate DVD player , and the huge advantage that you can get 4X as many games for it.

And you can run Linux on it, which is always a good thing. smiley - smiley

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