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Hmmm, this entry doesn't seem to touch on the real problem with the Punisher. It is one thing that he wants to punish criminals, but doesn't he do it by killing them all? Even for minor offences like jay walking. Which is quite an extreme thing to do.


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Sorry to disagree, was touched upon. Unfortunately this Entry was snaffled up the the h2g2 Editors before I could properly finish it!! smiley - blush Hence some of the links are dead and other minor things...

Here's the para dealing with the Punisher and his use of lethal force;

"The Punisher stands by his philosophy of lethal force and no mercy to criminals at every turn. After eliminating the men who murdered his family he continues to fight on, punishing every murderer, rapist and law-breaker he comes upon. He will always go out of his way to protect innocents, but is a ruthless killer when it comes to the guilty."

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I believe the whole machine-gunning litterers and jaywalkers interlude was retconned in the first Punisher mini-series. It was apparently a result of the Punisher being driven temporarily insane by drugs during his first spell in prison.

(Not a particularly credible storyline but it made the Punisher a workable lead character again, even if it shot the bottom out of the point of the 'Trial of Punisher' issue of Spider-Man.)

I like the current, monster-psychopath version of the character. I liked the book more before it went Max but anything by Garth Ennis will do me.

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