A Conversation for Time Dilation

Places Where Time Dilates

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There are many places where time dilates and expands. Lightspeed velocities are not necessary.

Time Slows Down Time Speeds Up
In the Bank at lunchtime In bed when you put the light out
In the train station When you're in the pub
In the dentisit's chair On holiday
Work On rollercoasters

Anyone think of any more?

Places Where Time Dilates

Post 2


Interestingly enough we all seem to have a small power of time dilation just by talking. The activation of this power seems to occur straight after words are said in the right conditions, for example:

Saying any socially unacceptable word (even in part of a conversation) at a dinner party just as everyone else stops talking

Being in bed and saying the name of a young lady not currently sharing that bed with you

Complaining how awful the audience is as you walk off stage (interestingly this phenonomen only occurs when your radio mic is left on)


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Places Where Time Dilates

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