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Season Two - New Stuff

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The second episode of the second series has revealed some notable architectual updates for the Hub:

The Vault - Several identical chambers used for 'cold storage' of all sorts of specimens (including Captain Jack in 'End of Days' and Suzie Costello in 'Everything Changes/They Keep Killing Suzie'), a sort of dumb waiter-type contraption links into Owen's medical lab. When Owen froze Beth, her body passed through this internal lift down into one of the Vault storage facilities.

Tunnels - When Beth escapes from the Hub she uses 'the tunnels', which would seem to have security measures of their own separate to the main entance through the Tourist Office or the obfuscating paving slab lift. These tunnels may include access to the Garage or intersect with the means of egress used by the pterodactyl. The tunnels certainly seem to offer more than one exit option.

Captain Jack's Office - Not major, but Jack seems to have moved his desk to the opposite side of the room. In the final episode of Season One, Owen leans on Jack's desk while searching for the combination to the Safe - and does so with the safe door in the background. Now, the safe is on the opposite side of the room from where Jack is sitting while talking to Gwen in 'Sleeper'.

Another notable addition to the team is Toshiko's 'tricorder'-like scanner, which has appeared in both of the episodes seen so far. A story advancing McGuffin if ever I've seen one, the scanner can provide a range of useful information about people, objects and places.

The Apprentice

Season Two - New Stuff

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Great entry. Would be great to see it updated to iclude series two.

Did you see the last episode? smiley - wah

Season Two - New Stuff

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The Apprentice

I suspect this now needs to have a Season Two and Season Three appended... with the promise of Season Four not too far off in the future.

smiley - scientist

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