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'Best' Guitarist?

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I think it's very hard to determine the 'best' guitarist, since there is no solid way of defining the 'best'. You could say Duane Allman was the best guitarist, since his slide guitar work was perfect. But then you have Warren Hayes and Derek Trucks, still young but up there with the greats such as Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Page and, in my opinion, Knopfler. They are all so different. Take Jeff Beck for example (who played in the Yardbirds as Clapton and Page did once) - his style is so remarkably different to anyone elses, you know he's the 'best' at playing the guitar in the way he does. But when we think of the best guitarist, we think of technique, complexity, expression (and surprisingly, fame) etc. These are all good qualities, but you need to think about the other genres of music (not just rock, blues etc). How many decent jazz, classical or reggae-based guitarists can you name?

'Best' Guitarist?

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Well, I could name quite a few, but I wont bore you :P

'Best' Guitarist?

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While noted mainly for the subject matter of some of his albums,the late Frank Zappa is drequently overlooked as a fine guitarist.The alboms "Guitar" and "Shut Up And Play Your Guitar" give an excellent overview of his guitar solos.

'Best' Guitarist?

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This really is an old chestnut, isn't it?

I'm frequently asked my opinion on who's the 'Best Guitarist' and it's follow up question goes:- 'Which is the Best Guitar?'

Now, I say "the one I'm currently listening to", because every player & each guitar has a unique sound and just when I seem to have made my mind up, some Gipsy Guitarist who I've not heard of, comes along and blows me away! Or, a kid on a secondhand axe plays something miraculous. Maybe I'm too eclectic - who knows?smiley - musicalnotesmiley - musicalnotesmiley - musicalnote

'Best' Guitarist?

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I don't think it's being to eclctic to like a good variety of guitar playing styles,Micope.Whilst I normally go for either rock or blues styles of playing,I also enjoy listening to the likes of John Williams,the classically trained guitarist,from time to time.It sounds as if you are like me in some respects in the fact you like to keep an open mind about things before making a decision on whether you like something or nor.

'Best' Guitarist?

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Right-On compo!

Sorry I've not responded sooner, but been away from this bit of geo-space for a time. Yes, I generally keep an open mind, otherwise it blocks off potential creative avenues, I guess?

I'm not gigging, or jamming with anyone currently, so I'm getting frustrated. Solution:- 5 parts ethyl-alcohol/95 parts dihydride monoxide for solace.

Kerrranngg! - micope.smiley - cheers

'Best' Guitarist?

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There are so many great guitarists in so many different countries and genres. It's hard to determain whose best when you look at say, Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Bruce Mathiske and then Angus Young, Chris Cheney. But then you look at all the styles and sounds other than western music. Im sure there are incredible guitarists in small villages in the middle of no where... whose to say whose best?

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