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Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

sorry... Fort Lauderdale could in no way be considered to be a suburb of miami.There is a reasonably large gap between them. The gap is filled with places like Aventura and Hollywood.

2. Favourite Bumper Stickers
"Trespassers will be shot...
Survivors will be shot again"
The advice given to me was 'if someone breaks into your house, you must kill them outright, if you only wound them then they can and probably will SUE you succesfully for damages'.
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Not sure where...

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Researcher 180192

...the researcher got the info regarding deadly force and protecting property in Miami.

The law says that if someone breaks into your house while you are in it and you fear for your life or personal safety you may take steps to protect your self...including shooting the intruder. In this country we believe that if someone is bold enough to break into an occupied dwelling, chances are they are they are not dropping in for tea and are probably armed and therefore deadly force is not out of the question.

If someone is stealing your bicycle from the lawn of your house you cannot use deadly force just because they are taking your property. You must be in fear of your life or personal safety.

Hope this clears that up.


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The advice given to me about shooting people breaking into a house in Florida was "If they are climbing through the window when you shoot them - Be sure to drag the body inside" (assuming you have killed them, otherwise see the article with the quote about bumper stickers - shoot them again !!


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Mr Zyx

Info that I've gotten from a few of my gun-toting friends indicates that the law down here is pretty clear on the subject of shooting trespassers / robbers. If they're on the way INTO your house or are threatening you while INSIDE, you're free to use them for target practice. If, however, they are on the way OUT of your house, you cannot shoot them with complete impunity. Wounding them in order to detain them for the police is acceptable, but shooting to kill constitutes manslaughter and can get you jail time.
Currently, South Florida has a 10-20-30 law in effect. Automatic 10 years in the pokey if you commit a crime with a gun, 20 years for shooting someone, and 30 years to life if they die from it. Hope this info helps a bit...


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Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

good morning Mr. Zyxsmiley - smiley and welcome to h2g2.

i was surprised to see this conversation turn up again, your information is of course correct, although i'm sure there are even more technicalities involved in shooting someone on their way in.

(are they wearing a mask? , armed? accompanied? did he just kill your dog etc. etc.).

(by the way, if you write an introduction on your space, then others, more qualified than i, can leave messages and a formal welcome ).

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