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"Bob" (short for Kate)

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Otto Fisch ("Just like the Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973")

Greetings all....

Nice entry! Just a couple of things to add about recurring characters (or their descendents)...

I think that "Bob", a cross dressing female played by someonewhoicantremember, appears in Blackaddder II as Blackadder's wife-to-be, and in Blackadder IV as the driver.

Also, aren't all Rik Mayall's characters members of the Flashart family?



"Bob" (short for Kate)

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Peripatetic Warrior Monk

Either I like you rather a lot, or i've got a canoe in my pocket Bob! and of course driver Parkhurst ( who is whisked off by teh Lord Flashheart (treat your kite like you treat your women, climb inside her 5 times a day and take her to heaven and back woof!).
Why isnt this taught at A level?

"Bob" (short for Kate)

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Bob was played by gabrielle glaister (I just bought the DVD box set, so i read the creidts!

"Bob" (short for Kate)

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Researcher 229422

Bob/Kate was indeed played by Gabrielle Glaister - but I'm surprised anyone needs to look it up on the box! She's been on our sets ever since - albeit in very different roles: she was the fantastic Patricia Farnham in Brookside for the best part of a decade and I think she was in Corrie for a year or so as well. She pops up from time to time in various dramas and I saw her in Casualty last month looking amazing and acting everybody else off the screen. Still she'll always be Bob to me - why don't the Beeb get her back doing more comedy?

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