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PJs for boys!

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On a recent trip to Marks and Spencers, my daughter was impressed by a pair of dark blue silk PJs with sparkly cuffs and trouser hems, and the ubiquitous Harry Potter motif on the front. As I was buying them, I mentioned to the assistant that my son thought were lovely and wondered if they had any for boys? She looked over the top of her glasses at me and said superciliously "Boys don't wear silk pyjamas!" . I glanced over at the boys rack, which contained nothing but shapeless sweatshirt style garments with gaudy cartoon characters on them. I sighed and wondered had I stumbled across the reason why the male popluation has such problems.

PJs for boys!

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Researcher 199374

As parent of three children, two girls and one boy, none of whom would ever dream (pun intended) of wearing pyjamas, or any other form of hnight attire, all I would say is "does any one actually wear pyjamas these days (or nights)?"

PJs for boys!

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Martin Harper

I'm not sure a lack of silk is the problem! smiley - winkeye

If I were you I'd just buy a pair for your son anyway. It's not like boys and girls of that age have dramatically different body shapes - nor are pyjamas the most figure-hugging of vestments smiley - smiley


PJs for boys!

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Yeah, I for one wouldn't find such a slippery garment comfortable but if the guy likes it then who cares how it's clasified in the shop? I agree with the above poster. Just wear what you like.

PJs for boys!

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Hilarious Joke

I am quite proud to say that I, a 15-year-old male, wear Simpsons silky boxer shorts and a sky blue tie dye t-shirt to bed, and in mornings a thick dark blue dressing gown. Very comfortable, generally accepted in my family. I am interested in what others wear to bed.

PJs for boys!

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I don't wear anything to bed, and haven't for quite some time.

Others, however, feel differently. http://www.fstdt.com/fundies/comments.aspx?q=35291

TRiG.smiley - bigeyes

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