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Kulusuk International Airport, Greenland

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Believe it or not, you might know where this airport is. When flying across the Atlantic and the fuel gauge looks a bit thirsty and the pilot realises that the plane will not make it and he's forced to refuel, the best point to land is the Kulusuk International Airport in Greenland.

Important Flight Data

  • Kulusuk airport is located in East Greenland on a little island.

  • The international sign for Kulusuk is KUS.

  • For up-to-date weather information look at the on line weather information system for Kulusuk.

The Airport

Kulusuk International Airport is one of the biggest in the world. Almost any aircraft can land on its 500 metre-long runway made of sand and volcanic ashes. The only problem is that planes have to stop before running into the Arctic sea right behind the runway.

The airport service is very friendly and comfortable. You can park your plane anywhere you want. If you pay extra, somebody will fuel up your plane for you, so you don't have to hold the pipe on your own and as a highlight they even have a roofed terminal building, where you can sit and buy some souvenirs.

Staying Longer in Kulusuk

Of course you can stay in a hotel, well the hotel at Kulusuk, and visit the fast growing big city where almost 300 people live. They even have hot water, sometimes.

In this exotic town you can even go shopping, take a boat ride to the drifting ice mountains, go fishing or get shot while seeing if it's true that the residents share their wives with passing guests.

If you want to take a virtual flight over Kulusuk then get FS5 material here.

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