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... a school pupil must, by law, call their teachers sir or ma'am. That just came up on Radio 4 quiz, so must be true smiley - smiley
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At highschool we always called the male teachers 'sir' and the female teachers 'miss'... at college it's a lot more friendly, most of 'em (the teachers) have us call 'em by their first names.

*grin* Off-topic after two posts... not bad going, even for us smiley - smiley



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My grandmother had such a go at me when I referred to my teachers as "Miss", she especially hated the "Miss said.... " sentences!
At uni I avoid calling the lecturers anything. Ever.


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that law, while it is currently on the books, is unimportant. I mean, it is important that students respect teachers, but

1) No one ever bothers to enforce this.
2) If it ever was enforced, the law would be removed and classified "unconstitutional" as it violates the First Ammendment.

However, until anyone gets in trouble, the law will stand. However, you and the radio are correct.smiley - smiley

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