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Chess "Miniatures"

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Steve K.

John Nunn's book "101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures" provides analysis of actual games played by world class players, and decided in 25 moves or less. The shortest game is 11 moves, Illescas - Sadler, Linares Zonal, 1995, Queen's Gambit Accepted. The next shortest is 12 moves, Spangenberg - Tkachev, Villa Martelli, 1992, Four Knights Opening. Although 73 of the games in the book are won by white, its interesting that both these shortest games are won by black.

Fred Reinfeld has a similar book, "Great Short Games of the Masters". In Frazer - Taubenhaus, Paris, 1888, Scotch Game, Black (a recognized master) manages to lose in 8 moves. 1.P-K4 P-K4 2.N-KB3 N-QB3 3.P-Q4 PxP 4.NxP Q-R5 5.N-QB3 N-KB3? 6.N-B5 Q-R4?? 7.B-K2 Q-N3 8.N-KR4 Resigns

Maybe "How Not to Win at Chess"? (move your Queen early and often)
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Chess "Miniatures"

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