A Conversation for Teenage Depression

How to help??

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I have recently become ery depressed and even broke down crying in biology today!!

Can anyone help???

How to help??

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy is a fine book indeed, for someone who has started taking life to seriously it gives one a reality check on the lack of seriousness in it and helps to encourage healthy adjustment to unhealthy circumstances.

Honestly, it has seemed, at least in my own occurance of depression, that it is temporary and it is caused mainly by the revelation of human existence, but being left in the dark out of your own ignorance. This is emphasized by a strong pop culture that enforces a needless priority and pressure on the teen years due to unsatisfied adults. More or less, Things get heavy and bleak, but it is best to remember that it is only the immediacy of the moment that makes you feel this way, there have and will be better times, you just have to struggle through best you can and hold onto yourself without letting go and know that you're not alone or the first, and that with time we all can make it out into better times.

Or it can be said more easily by the band Modest Mouse
"Bad News comes, don't you worry even when it lands. Good news will works its way to all them plans......
Don't worry, we'll all float on. Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on."

I myself had my occurance of depression yeilding into an outright breakdown and heavy prescriptions(which I ditched, thank god) two years back. Don't give up and wallow in that place, you have to keep moving forward and not stoping in your pursuit.

How to help??

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It is an almost instinctive reaction of mankind, to try to cheer up a persion who is (deeply) depressive.
The intentions are really great, the spending of time and energy evenso.
A wonderful attitude.

But sadly anough their efforts will be fruitless and the depressive person will experience an even greater solitude. Really.
Because the need of a person that suffers from severe depression is to have the opportunity to sháre his/her inner feelings and to experience that the well intended friend appeared to be able to join that sharing of lonelynes, anxiety and depression.

He/She will feel understood and because of thát, uplifted.

All that friends need to do is to ask about the feelings
and to open themselves for sharing.

Doing so is nót that easy as it sounds.
It confronts sometimes the friends of their own black emotions.

And, "just listening" can also feel like "I have'nt dóne anything".

And another reason why cheering up doesn't appear to be effective,
is, because in such circumstances the depr.person is then suppósed to enter in a better condition.

Sit,ask, listen and touch.

If we are able to do so, the other in need will receive a very great gift; the real solitude has been broken through.

That can be very uplifting.

(And by writing this, I take my responsabillity towards my friends in life and to other friends with their dear ones in a dark mood.)

Greetings from Amsterdam

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