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Teenage depression by a teenager.

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I'm a teenager, in fact im only 16. I'm told i am depressed, and well..i guess i have every right to be depressed, in the last 16 years i have been raped, witnessed murder and my mum has cancer (going to die before this december)...by the way i don't have a dad either.
I don't know what people expect me to do...how does one respond to this?
how am i to react? im happy, im sad, im hungry, im never eating again...i can't keep up with myself.
so yer, i'm depressed, and it sucks.

Teenage depression by a teenager.

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I'm 16 and i am suffering from depression. Reading your story kind of makes me wonder why i am depressed because i havent been through half as much as what you have.
I was stalked about a year ago by a guy who i have to see every day as i live in a pub. I got the police involved and we made statements excetara only to find out my friend and this guys ex girlfriend with drew her statement and is now pregnant with his kid.

My mum's not very well either, im so sorry to hear about yours! My sister left for university and has a whole new life. I started a new school with no-one i knew, and i have also had very abd health recently, causing me to have alot of time off school.

I feel angry at myself for letting me get like this, but as you know its hard not to.
I can only sympathise with what you are going through, even though sympathy is the worst thing you want.

Being depressed, i cant seem to talk to anyone, i find any communication leaves me vunerable and open to attack and i dont want that. I shut myself away, and i take every1 elses problems on board and its ripping me up inside.
I am on self distruct mode at the moment, whenever i can i will be getting drunk because it keeps me real. I I wont eat or sleep or i eat and sleep too much. I dont have that balance.
It doesnt really feel like anyone really understands apart from people who are going through it

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