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Post-Teenage depression

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I'm a 22 years old college student,and that means that I'm not really a teenager anymore. When I was younger I was very naive and I didn't had a strong personality, so no one ever noticed me: my appearance was totally neutral and when I was at the high school I looked like a kid who was taken there by chance from primary school. Obviously I felt quite sad and out of place. Now I'm a the college, hopefully I'll graduate shortly: in the last years I've grown a lot (but physically I still look like a teenager): I learned how to deal with other people and I've lot of new interests but I've also a lot of responsibilities!I cannot cultivate my hobbies (like playing guitar) because college work overwhels me (I know what you're thinking, but I can guarantee that I tried HARD to organize my timetables before givin'up), I don't have much friends (not to mention a girlfriend): I feel like I should be a teenager NOW: when I was at high scool I was too childish to socialize with others, and now I have too much work to do.
I feel like there are some things that I should have done early that will never come back because I lacked awareness. I felt depressed in the past and so I feel now: I've the feeling that something is amiss.

Post-Teenage depression

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hind sight is 20 20 and can be a bitch, i reccomend taking as many chances as you can and somthing good will come out of the chances you take if not from the knowlege that you are totally responsible for everything in your life and that your in totall controll of what your life is going to be regardless of how much you try to give that controll to other parties besides yourself as an exuse for a shitty life. i once read somwere that life is garden... dig it!smiley - cheers

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