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Choosing Pen Names

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Frankie Roberto

Choosing Pen Names, or psuedonyms, became fashionbable recently by magazines producing articles on ways to choose a prospective pen/screen name. There a several different methods. Most involve taking the name of grandmother/father, your pet, the name of your street and putting them together. Using this Method, I would be "Vivian George Cumberland". As you can see it can produce a realistic name, but is hardly outstanding. Another method is to take your existing name and add vowel endings where the name ends in a hard consonant. This should make the name sound friendlier and sit better on the tongue. For instance, 'Frank Roberts' becomes 'Frankie Roberto'.

Choosing Pen Names

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Oengus (1+7-5)*(5+4+5)

Well I get: Arthur Krusty Cambridge or Paulie Buxtoni.

Neither really roll off the tongue.

Choosing Pen Names

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Frankie Roberto

I don't know... they have a certain uniqueness don't they Paulie Buxtoni?

Choosing Pen Names

Post 4


If we go by the grandmother-pet-street name method, I am Gertrude HedgieHedgehog Twenty-Second. This is less than desirable. : )

Choosing Pen Names

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Frankie Roberto

Ha! I like it! smiley - smiley

Choosing Pen Names

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So, my pen name would be Joan Nicholas Oseranky Poppyflower. I'll have to think about that....


Choosing Pen Names

Post 7

Frankie Roberto

Another great one! We should start a list.

*Adds the idea to already extremely long list of things to forget to do*

Choosing Pen Names

Post 8

Lighthousegirl - back on board

What happens if you dont have a street name?

I get stuck at Vera Buttons XXXXXXX

Choosing Pen Names

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Frankie Roberto

Aha, you got me there. Why don't you have on a street name?

You could use your town or village name, or whatever name describes the area most local to you.

Choosing Pen Names

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Lighthousegirl - back on board

The village I live in is so small (about 45 houses) that there is only one road! It has a number but lets face it 4009 is not a good name! Area could work although looking at it Vera Buttons almost stands up on its own smiley - erm

Choosing Pen Names

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Diamond Bert

I'd become William Marcus Hunterfield. It does have a certain ring to it. I heard of a similar formula if you wanted to star in porn movies - take your pet's name and your mother's maiden name. That would make me Marcus McLeod. It doesn't quite fit the image, does it?

Choosing Pen Names

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Mippy Mouse

Fantastic names!smiley - cool Mine would be Margaret Tibbles Kirkstall or Kathleen Cheeky Kirstall depending which grandmother/cat combo I use and my porn name would be Tibbles Leader or Cheeky Leader smiley - weird. I decided to use the names of former pets as my mother's current cats are called Theadopolopodus-Grizabella-Prudence and Sebastian-Bobblesocks (who also answers to the name of Budweiser and started out life as Florence!very smiley - weird)

As for real stage names a couple of my friends have changed their equity names once every season till they found ones they like. The record is three different names in the programme in one year for one dancer!smiley - bigeyes

Mippy Mouse smiley - silly

Choosing Pen Names

Post 13

Adrianne the Black Fire; Dragon of Darknes; Keeper of the Balance

I've actually been told that this is the method for choosing porn star names, not pen names.

My pen name is a play on my middle name (Ann) and the name of a Germanic tribe (the Vandals)

Adrianne the Black Fire

Choosing Pen Names

Post 14

Researcher PH Balance

Oh, this is fun.
I would be Koko Melia Koolina...but that's kind of hard to pronounce if you're not familiar with Hawaiian language...soo..Elizabeth Koko Mahiku (all these Hawaiian street names)...forget the street names. I think a new rule is in order for people with unpronouncable or numerical street names.

Pick either Jones or Brown (or perhaps any monosyllabic color-but I think Brown is cool)and place it at the end of your pet's name or your own name. So, Koko Brown. But be careful if you want to go the JLO route in making a cool nickname. Because mine would be P-HO, or worse P-HOL!

Choosing Pen Names

Post 15


Oh dear - by the grannie-pet-street method I would be Veronica Vicky Bruggsperger...look out for the next novel by V.V.Bruggs to hit the streets, people!! smiley - winkeye

Choosing Pen Names

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They're was a test to see who could distinguish between my little pony and porn star names. They are very similar.

Choosing Pen Names

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"Most involve taking the name of grandmother/father, your pet, the name of your street and putting them together."

lol. If I go for it, my name would be Chiyoko Kane Archer.

It sounds as if I'm an illegitimate daughter of Jeffrey Archer, because one of his novels is 'Kane and Abel'.

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