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You legally need to use another name as an actor because your name is already in use - I don't think Equity allows two actors to use the same name.

You happen to share a name with a celebrity, and want to avoid being pestered by mistake, or you share a name with a mass murderer.

You're called John Smith or some other fairly common name, and there are already too many people you may be confused with if you need a name to use professionally.

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Jimi X

The actor Michael Keaton changed his name from Michael Douglas to keep from being mistaken for the other Michael Douglas who was already famous when Keaton arrived in Hollywood. smiley - smiley

- X

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Shallow 15

And then of course, there's always the possibility that you have a multiple personality disorder and the other one (or more) of you can't stand using your name. smiley - smiley

--Erin M.

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Or you're a serious author and have written a really trashy novel.

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Bez (arguaby the finest figure of a man ever found wearing Bez's underwear) <underpants>

Or you don't think people will take you seriously as a wrestler when your called Dwight (The Rock).

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