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Rant here about bad beer

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American Budweiser sucks! Ghastly awful stuff. Almost worse... Bush and Miesterbrau. Tasteless headache causing watery shwag. Hate the stuff.

Rant here about bad beer

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if you're ever in Glasgow, Scotland, the Miller in a bar called the Beresford must take the prize for the worst pint ever.

Rant here about bad beer

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Someone actually responded. I thought this forum was dead in the beer.(um...water?)
You're not from the dead forum revival unit are you? (suspisious darting of the eyes)
I wonder if it's the same Miller that we've got in America? Ours is fairly awful too.

Rant here about bad beer

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Lord Jock

Beer.The best beer in the world is of course "V B" a lovley little aussie drop. The V B stands for Victoria Bitter or very good beer wichever you prefer. It is best drunk anywhere and should be cold and drunk immediatley the tinnie or stubby or keg is opened.Cheers!
The worst beer is some stuff called courage. I had a pint of the filth in London a few years back.I remember it had a picture of a chook on it,so from that I deduced it was chooks piss. It is best not drunk atall.

Rant here about bad beer

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Well I must say I have been pleasantly suprised. Our saying back home in OZ is "That American beer is like making love in a canoe, It's
fu#*ing close to water". To say I have never partaken in a Budwiser would be false. I have, I am ashamed to say. Twice. Both times because they were the last beers in the fridge and I won a fight for them. Otherwise I have never voluntarily "ordered" one. But I live here now and the interesting thing that not many people know is the huge contrast between "Macrobrews" and "Microbrews". Macro's are of the Bud, Miller, Coors standard. That which are only drunk when you are willing to fist fight for the last beer in the fridge. Then there are the Micro's. Beers that are expertly made by little breweries in the mountains and such. These breweries usually only make 2 or 3 types of beer, i.e a pilsner, a stout, and an ale usually. They have cool arse labels and old school bottles. Now aesthetics aside, they contain damn good beer. The best I have tasted. This comes from years of hard drinking in OZ, Europe and Asia. Compare the general thinking of Yankee beer throughout the world to facts: A micro brew usually is up around 6%-6.5% alchohol content. Measure this against a V.B at 4.8% and a pint of Guiness an astonishingly low 4.2%. The best beer of all time you ask? Fat Tire, by the New Belguim Brewery in Colorado. You can usually only find it in states surrounding Colorado. The beauty of a Microbrew is finding it. Oh yeah, I just had a keg of it deliverd to my house in California last week. The party will start at 8pm.

Rant here about bad beer

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Skylion, Muse of Hockey and Comic Books and Keeper of the Corner of the Laughing Dog.

Smooth, you said a mouthful. I will never in my life go back to macro produced beer flavored water, ever. My all time fave is Oldenburgs Pious Pale Ale. A great micro brewed in Ft. Thomas Ky. When I was a bartender for a local Applebee's that brewery obliged our staff with a beer making and tasting seminar. We started with "weak" stuff like coors and worked our way up to the porter and steam styles. By the time we cut open the pub draught Guiness to get at the widget, none of us, including the pres. of the company should have been holding knives. Then we took the tour. We got to partake of freshly made wheat beer straight from the cooling tank. God was in that little brewery that day, I tell you.
On a bad note. I visted my parents in Tennessee this weekend. They took my family to a little place called the Rocky River Brewery. The food was terrible, and I had better service at a Waffle House. The porter was good, as was the wheat beer. But my fave style, the pale was unbalanced. Tooooo sweet. They dared to call it an IPA. More like a lager pale or somesuch. Dissapointing. But dad bought, so that was good. That and he loves the place. So I oredered some more of the porter. Two rounds later and the wives were driving us home. And my five year old son knew better than drink the dark stuff my dad offered him. I gave him a guiness at a Ren Fest. He was curious, but he ended up spiting it up all over his shirt. In the dog house? Oh, hell yeah. Peace

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