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It may be my imagination but I have found that the more beer I drink the thirstier I get. I have at times had to have a drink of water after a few beers to stop me from dying of thirst. I researched the problem and was told by a taxi driver that unscruplious breweries put a chemical in the beer to increase the sensation of thirst while the beer is drunk. Thanks to your informative article I shall try different shaped glasses tosee if that was the problem.

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Beer does make you dehydrated, one of the major causes of hangovers. As much as some major brewers do things to their brews, I'm not sure if they do actually add chemicals to them, although it would explain a lot of my headachessmiley - winkeye

The shape of the glass can really change the flavour of some beers, especially those that have been allowed to ferment naturally, things like real ales and bottled european beers. Experimenting with different glass shapes can be fun, and a real eye opener.

smiley - rose

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Re: Chemicals in beer...

Not being a lager fan, I was delighted with the German varities on offer at the Munich Oktoberfest. Thanks to medi evil purity laws, these are brewed without additives or preservatives.

I hold this wholly responsible for my sudden and totally unprecedented ability to drink 5 or 6 pints and feel reasonably human the following day.

Additionally, the glass 'Stein', or 'Krug' does keep the beer cooler. It is also fantasticly heavy - and to qualify as a waiter or waitress at the Oktoberfest, you must be able to carry eight of these, four in each hand, fully laden.

Most of the staff had arms as thick as trees. Prost!!

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I am in possession on a beer glass that my father brought back from a business trip to Taiwan. It is large, capable of holder a 72 oz of beer, and sports two handles, on either side of the glass. Apparently this is a common glass in Taiwan and it is carried by the waiters much the same way as the steins are carried in Germany, 4 at a time.


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