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glenn miller disappearance

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My daughter told me an interesting story this evening at dinner. She is a therapist at a nursing home where one of her patients is a WW II veteran who apparently served in the European Theater. She said he trusts her implicitly and confides in her frequently during therapy sessions and rarely tells her of his WW II experiences. Today she said he was in a very good mood and talking as usual when he brought up Glenn Miller's disappearance. He further told her he was an associate of another soldier who had conncections to the area of service involving Miller and his band's appearances in Europe. She said he told her not to believe that "bull about Miller's plane being lost due to ice, engine failure, etc." He said during a conversation one evening this other soldier friend told him he had heard word had just come through to the USAAF offices that "Miller had been at a party with other servicemen and that he had been stabbed and murdered by a hooker." I am familiar with the old story of Miller being killed in a brothel. I don't know this old vet or if he has the mental faculties to actually be telling the truth. What I do find interesting is that he says he personally knew the soldier in the USAAF that had told him Miller had been killed by a hooker. My daughter will see him again tomorrow and I asked her to find our the other soldier's name and anything else she could without seeming to be nosy or prying. Will post if anything comes of it. Huzzah to the Royal Air Force! Never Will Their Glory Fade! Huzzah to the Mighty 8TH! (My Father's outfit)

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glenn miller disappearance

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