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why are there more than six theories to his death? what a mysterious death!


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only after he died so mysteriously that he is remembered and missed there were others too who died in air crashes but he apparently left a huge vaccum


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While I was not around during those wonderful years of Glenn Miller and alike, I was raised on his music. My father served under Mr. Miller for a short time as a "back-up" musician and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the man.

Theories of his death are so like those in connection with John Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and alike. People are never satisfied with the truth..they don't want to accept it. The media of course, wanting to sell papers and/or gain a listening audience (radio then) will say anything and do anything that questions the death or illness of any celebrity. That's how "celebrities" are made.

My father told me that he beleives that Mr. Miller's plane went down over the channel due to heavy fog and inexperience of the pilot (i.e., John Kennedy, Jr.). The pilot became confused, without proper instruments training, and unfortuneately it resulted in their deaths.

I prefer to remember Mr. Miller as a devoted family man, who loved his country and wanted to bring joy to those fighting for it's preservation. Rest in peace Glenn....you are missed.

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