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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Eindhoven is a big city by Dutch standards and has a magnetic effect on the relaxed or lazy, due to its high student population. The city is literally swarming with them. There are young people everywhere: sitting in outdoor caf├ęs and drinking beer instead of studying, and it seems that many of them never leave.

Eindhoven on the Cheap

First of all, go to the train station, then stop a passing student and ask for directions to The Bunker. They'll point you to a grey concrete building. Once there you can drink pretty cheaply, get rooms for the night, or, if your funds are really low, go to the Mensa (canteen) for food.

After you have tasted the beer, arranged for a place to sleep, and survived the food of the Mensa, you are ready to explore the city.


The shopping area is centred around the train station, and from there it's about a five-minute walk to anywhere of significance in the city. If you are looking for consumer-products without any guarantee, try the Bijenkorf*, a big warehouse where you can get virtually anything as long as you don't ask for a receipt.


Eating in Eindhoven is a simple matter. Due to the large student population, there are many good and cheap restaurants near the shopping centre. One recommended establishment, especially for students, is the reasonably priced Trafalgar Pub at Dommelstraat 21.


Euro Cinema at Keizersgracht 19 is a good, clean movie theatre. There's also The Pathe, which is not as old as the Euro, and if you are coming from the train station it is easier to find*. By coincidence this cinema is very near to the Trafalgar Pub, making it easy to grab a quick bite before the movie. Both the Pathe and the Euro Cinema host a sneak-preview every Tuesday at around 9.30pm, showing the latest films that haven't yet reached the general public.


For the more spiritual, there's a local character you should talk to. His name is Arnol Kox, and he's the local preacher. You'll find him at the train station in the morning or the market square in the afternoon. He'll be wearing the big Jesus sign on his chest and shouting.

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