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Just as an aside, I have a couple of links on my site regarding Eindhoven. Being Jockanese ("Turning Jockanese, I think I'm turning Jockanese, I really think so"..), and living here for a few days each week, I see Eindhoven from a strange perspective.

Some things are *really* good. Like the girls, the beer (you *do* get used to it), the warmer weather (mind you, anywhere is warmer than Aberdeen!), the late drinking, the coffee-shops, the sitting in the square and letching at talent, the laid-back attitude, the "small town" travel simplicity, the indoor kart track (mental!), the outdoor kart track (wild, especially in the rain), the line-based water ski-ing at aqua-best (crazy), the center-parks INDOOR SKI SLOPE, with REAL SNOW (wild)!, open top cars in the sun, the dutch train system (it *works*, and they serve beer), tall girls, the cafe-de-Grot expat crowd, the john bull snooker club sunday breakfast - the porker, Yokahamas japanese restaurant, The Touch of India Phal (if not their service), Jenever, blonde girls, etc, etc, etc.

Did I mention the girls ?

And the things I dislike ? The fried food. (Listers, the new restaurant in town - [Unsuitable link removed by Moderator]) actually makes dutch food likeable), and the long, dark, wet, winter.

They seem to have it sussed here. Like it a lot. Strange, because lonely planet/rough guide, etc, slate it as being dull, small, parochial.

Does anyone know a good way of learning dutch fast ? (Or should I say, how does a lazy git like me learn dutch ? The only words I know are "guten aben, Cibatax"..)

---* Bill

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Ok you definetly need to brush up on your dutch. But as it is I skipped the place and after going to Finland emidiatly left for my girlfriend in Genova Italy and have been living ever since in Italy...about 2 months now...

But a good word of advice, don't say 'Guten abend' They will understand and think you are german... This is still held by most people as being not a really friendly race of people... To give you some pointers:
Good evening : Goede avond
Good morning : Goede morgen
Good afternoon : Goede middag
Where is the nearest pub : Waar is het dichtsbijzijnde cafe.
Where is a good disco : Waar is een goede discotheek.
Want to go out : Zin om mee uit te gaan.
Want something to drink : Iets te drinken?
Let's have lunch : Laten we gaan lunchen.
Would you like to have dinner with me : Zou je met mij uit eten willen gaan.

For sex/kisses and other things I refer to the brothels you so accurately mentioned... They will be happy to teach you the basics for a few 'Gulden'...

With these pointers you will be able to get around, greet people and probably pick up a girl or two in school/work/disco/bar....

Ciao and hope you can use the advice...

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Eindhoven resources...

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