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Chittenango, New York, USA

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Chittenango is a quaint little country town in upstate New York and it's roughly 30 minutes from Syracuse. Almost the entire town is on one street, Route 5, or at least all the major businesses are on it. But there's more to Chittenango than you might think.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Chittenango is the birthplace of L Frank Baum. For those of you who don't know, L Frank Baum was the author of the Wizard of Oz1. Every spring Chittenango puts on OzFest. It's a three-day affair, in which a lot of munchkins appear in a large parade. It's probably the most exciting thing that the town of Chittenango does, and hundreds of people pour into Chittenango to see it every year. Chittenango contains an Oz Museum, with various Oz memorabilia. There is also an ice cream2 parlour called Oz Cream. So, if you ever want to see more Oz stuff than you can handle, forget Kansas3 and head for Chittenango, NY.

Incidentally, the sidewalks in Chittenango are made out of yellow bricks. Every year, a race called the Yellow Brick Road Run takes place in the town.

At the End of the Rainbow

There are several successful farms in Chittenango. Also, Chittenango has a reputation for being a wonderful little town, with an excellent schooling system. Not only that, they have one of the best cross-country teams in the state, and an excellent soccer programme.

1See also the h2g2 entry on the silent film.2Lovers of ice cream could investigate the entries on Ice Cream Floats, How to make 'Bountyful'- flavoured ice cream and How to Make Cheesecake Ice Cream.3Incidentally, Cawker City, Kansas is where the World's Second Largest Ball of Twine was made.

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