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Here's the skinny on the Bavarian Illuminati.

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The Traveller

I'm not too clear on dates, but here's some of the story about the Bavarian Illuminati.

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in the 17th (I think) century by a man named Adam Weishaupt. The stated purpose of The Bavarian Illuminati was to introduce a sort of holistic, scientific method, communist-type school of thought into the upper levels of government, business, and the church. I'm a little shaky on the details of that, but it really wasn't important what their STATED goals were. The real goal of the Illuminati was to place members of the group secretly into the highest levels possible of the aforementioned fields, and to pull strings in a subtle 'puppeteer' sort of way, and use this influence to gain more influence for the group. Kinda like an evil pyramid-marketing scheme.

And it was starting to work, too. At least one member of French royalty was a member, as was a high-ranking bishop. They even had members in the higher levels of OTHER SECRET SOCIETIES, most notably the Freemasons. However, their power did not last. The Pope at the time made a declaration that all secret societies were somehow 'against God', and ordered all of them to be disbanded.

And so that was the end of The Bavarian Illuminati.

Or was it? Some say they merely went underground. Some say they had a hand in the American Revolution (which had much more to do with money than it did with freedom). Some say that the famous 'pyramid with an eye at the top' is an Illuminati symbol, and the reason it is on the back of a US one dollar bill is because George Washington had secret ties to the Illuminati.

Some even say that they subtly control us even today, allowing us to publish information about them, only because it makes the idea of the Illuminati seem ludicrous.

We'll never know for sure.

The Traveller
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Here's the skinny on the Bavarian Illuminati.

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Gw7en, Voice of Chaos (Classic)

Thank you very much! Facinating reading! smiley - smiley

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Freemasonry today is not a secret society. It is a society with certain secrets - all of which can be discovered by reading various books available on the open market. Freemasons have a very long history and have been at loggerheads with the church of Rome ever since it was founded (The Church that is) - to extent of killing each other over the centuries. Their effect on history was tremendous - including the American war of independance - it was allegedly freemasons, dressed as indians, who poured boxes of tea into the waters at the Boston tea party as objection to the British tea tax. Their power is now much less - OR IS IT?

Here's the skinny on the Bavarian Illuminati.

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Maybe this is splitting hairs, but I always heard the eye-in-the-pyramid symbol was a Freemason symbol, because George Washington and the founding fathers were all Freemasons. But if a person wanted to argue that the Freemasons were infiltrated by the Illuminati, I guess that makes it a moot point.

Here's the skinny on the Bavarian Illuminati.

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The Eye-in-pyramid appears on a lot of places. It is, for instance, also seen among the Vietnamese mystics Cao Dai.

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