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My first attempt at actually using this guide on my resent trip to the UK proved worthwhile.

My wife and I met with a friend in London and I suggested we go to Won Kei's for dinner. Our friend had tried it before and could confirm what is written about it in the Guide.

And I can now vouch for it as well.

We came on a Tuesday evening and was quickly sent to the first floor (the one above ground level) and shown a table where two couples were already seated.

We had time enough to go over the menu and settled for a set menu fo three and a bottle of Mateus Rose.

Service was not overly quick, but not too slow either. The spoons and chopsticks were distributed in a less than discreet manner, across the table, but that did not really surprose us. Tea was put on the table, and everybody gets it without ordering it. And I happen to like jasmine tea.

The food arrived, on four plates from which we would take what we wanted. It was plenty and very good. Especially the sweet and sour pork, mmmmm mmmmmm! We almost got into a fight over the last few pieces on the plate.

The whole meal was 32 Pounds for three, including a bottle of wine. That is not bad in my book.

But don't go there for a quiet, romantic first date, the place is busy and quite an experience smiley - winkeye

It seemed that one of the guests did not like the service of the waiters, while the waiter was taking the order from two new girls at our table, a man came up to the table, saying in a slightly aggitated voice, 'Well f*** you, you pr***, take that order and come take it out with me, you a**h***!!', whereupon his lady friend dragged him swearing and cussing out of the room.
We had not seen the prelude to this, but it seemed that the 'esteemed guest' found that the waiters were less than courteous, and appearently he had not read this guide before choosing his restaurant for the night.

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Tried it and liked it

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