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toads and frogs

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the described differences between toads and frogs are quite exact.
Both are subject to a tragic fate: increased global pollution and augmented Uv irradiation are provoking the
extinction of many species. Here, in Israel, we have seven species of frogs and toads alltogheter
amongst them one species of tree frog, called in Hebrew "ilanit". A huge toad, the black collar toad of the
valley of Hule, has been extinguished when the swamps were dried up to be used as agricultural lands. Nowadays,
swamps are formed again, by human decision, after almost 40 years, due to the
fact that land is not proper for cultivation, ground is too rich in peat and hot climate
leads to underground fires wery hard to be controlled.As a result of all this, waterbirds
increased their population, catfish is becoming an industrial conserve branch, more tourists
are visiting the region, but plants, frogs and toads are gone forever.

toads and frogs

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There are a number of inaccuracies in this post The impression is given that vocalization and external eardrums and an aquatic larval stage are features that can be used to distinguish frogs from toads--this is not the case and all three features are very common in toads as well as frogs. A feature that can usually be used to distinguish between frogs and toads but was not mentioned is that toads never have 'teeth', while frogs normally have very small teeth in the upper jaw.

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