A Conversation for Physics and the Knowledge of Ignorance


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The Dragonlady~There are no ugly women in the world, only neglected ones!

Do these theories have a good explaination for where the first copy of my response to this conversation went?smiley - weird
Anyway, I believe that anyone wishing to study any of the previously mentioned theories, should seriously consider coming to live at my house for an entire month.
At any given time, I have a two year old, a seven year old, an eight year old, a nine year old, an eleven year old, two fourteen year olds, two sixteen year olds, and an eighteen year old, living in my house. (Yes, they are all mine. Or should I say, ours.) And, when you add all of their friends into the mix, the permutations of any given scientific theory, expand exponentially.
For example, feeding such a brood. One wants pizza, another chicken, and yet another veggie burgers. And, cleaning up the resulting explosion and aftermath of any given meal, can be an exercise equal to mapping the human genome.
I may only be a Mom, but I am familiar with the theories of "Fuzzy Logic", "Quantum Mechanics", and "Relativity". I clean teenagers' rooms.smiley - ok
By the way, I DO, in fact, wear sandals. My other shoes often find their way out the door on the feet of my teenage girls. And, if I end-up getting dressed in matching, unwrinkled, unpatched clothing, with anything other than "really weird hair", it's a good day.smiley - zen

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