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Watership Down

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Researcher 63920

Well, well...you can tell I'm new to some of H2G2's gizmos...so this is where you hang your hat! I just wrote you asking that when I clicked on this Mike A button and voila, I was in headbanger's hell...so this is what I read about in Ezekiel....

I read Watership Down in 1975 while flying back to the states from a 3 year stint as an army brat on Okinawa...it's a wonderful book. I'm still reeling from all the hell-bent references on your page and trying to correlate that with the bunnies...could it be that, with Black Sabbath and the like, you might secretly wish you were in the Efrafa Owsla?!! smiley - smiley I can see General Woundwort and Ozzy Osbourne fillin' the same shoes, and Tori Amos crawling up his leg...yikes!

In these East Tennessee hills, we're smack in the middle of the Bible belt...but we have our share of headbangers here as well...sprinkled with Baptists, Mennonites, and Nascar fans. Musically, this is the home of old time mountain music and bluegrass music, and we take our tunes unamplified...and build many of our own instruments. Locally we have guitar, fiddle (violin), and mandolin makers, as well as luthiers specializing in hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, and there's even a couple of tattooed motorcycle guys that play the highland pipes nearby...givem a 6 pack of Bud and turn 'em loose.

Heavy metal and mad bunnies...who'd a thunk it?

You might give Tolkien a go...I've heard the Orcs are into Saxon....

Researcher 63920

Watership Down

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Mike A (snowblind)

Well, it's nice to see you poking around, and even nicer to see that you found my first and favourite official guide entry smiley - smiley

Other people have found my love of furry and HM slightly strange, but hey, that's me!
(note - i dont mean im strange)
In the other conversatiion in this forum that I posted in, there's a comment from me about Ozzy and rabbits. Like I said, if Ozzy tried biting -any- furry animal near me I'd knock his block off.

About Bible Belt, I've heard plenty of complaints from metalheads there about how impossible it is to buy anything remotely connected to heaven and hell. There's a lot of bands that don't get sold there. So, is this totally true?

Tolkien and Saxon...interesting smiley - winkeye
I like Saxon smiley - smiley

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