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You know your a fan when

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In grade school, we had a gang that was into this book. (OK so we were geeks), but we all took names of the rabbits, and hung out.

And. even now, I have a picture of Hazel at my desk. It was given to me by an artist friend that had several posted in her bathroom (cut from a calendar). I commented on it and she gave me one.

And, everyone how has ever read the book knows that the picture is of Hazel, even though there are no words on the picture. Just a rabbit.

The book gets into you.

Oh, and a guy I play music with actually has the movie on video. We watch it occassionally, so I suppose I am still hanging in a Watership Down gang.

You know your a fan when

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Does the film feature the immortal line "Piss Off"? - I always remember this as the first childrens book I read which used "bad" language.

Apart from this I can't remember one bit of the rest of the book. Does this say something about my character, I wonder?


You know your a fan when

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Alex A (Keeper of 7)

Speaking of bad language, try translating Bigwigs insult to Woundwort from Lapine to English

"Siflay hraka u embleer hrair" [excuse spelling - its a long time since I read WD]

Literal translation is;

"Graze droppings you stinking lord" which I guess more colloquially is "Eat s*** you lord of stink".

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