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Gloucester's rich and famous

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The following live in (L), near (N) or at least have been seen in gloucester (S):

- Sharon Davis (L)
- Nicolous Parsons (N)
- Richard Ashcroft (N)
- Ann Robinson (N)
- Tony Heart (S)

Wow. All the stars.


Gloucester's rich and famous

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Dirty Len's dirty lense

Can I attempt to clarify the last post by my dyslexic friend.
He meant:

- Sharon Davis - Swimmer and TV Presenter
Dan used to go to the same Gym as her (Esporta,Barnwood,glos) and deliberatly get the Running Machine or exercise bike immediatly behind her so he could stare at her arse!

- Nicolas Parsons - Slimy old TV presenter lives nearby.

- Richard Ashcroft- Singer, ex-Verve, has a house in Taynton, and can often be spotted in the Kam Wah chinese takeaway in Newent, or burning round the countryside in a variety of sports cars, including a charcoal grey Mercedes SLK compressor.

- Ann Robinson - Ex-drunk, child abandoning ginger TV Quiz Witch has a house in Gloucestershire

- Tony Hart - Camp Cravat Wearing TV Art personality can often be seen in visiting gloucester and cheltenhams artistic events

see new entry Famous People in Gloucestershire for more details

Gloucester's rich and famous

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Len is both right about my dyslexia, and about his dirtiness. However, I did not get the running machine behind her to look at her arse (saggy), but rather to look at her “mince jog” running style and laugh.

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