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Researcher 154471

There have been basses with as many as 12 strings - grouped in 3s, each group tuned to the same note (or octaves above) - similar in principle to the 12 string guitar with its pairs of strings.

Of course, these instruments are designed purely for flash poseurs who want everyone to know they have (had?) more money than sense, and want the sound of a bass through an Octaver pedal, without the convenience of being able to switch it off.

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Jeffery the hyper-intelligent guitar

True but you have to admit the idea of having a twin nick bass guitar with 12 and 4 strings in the classic twin neck style would be nice to own.

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kent the bassplayer

i'm not sure about his "sense", but i would say alan woody, r.i.p. was no poseur concerned with other's take on his financial situation. he was however a mother f*#*er bassist. i'd like to own that 18 string he had (6 string tripled). don't know what i'd do with it, but i'd like to have it.

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I'll tell you what I'd do with it - crazy alternate tunings. Tune one course to 1st - 5th - octave for a simple power-chord idea, or go nuts and tune the damn thing to 1st - flat 3rd - flat 5th for one-string diminished insanity. Don't be fooled into thinking it's all about octaves, an 18-string bass, while brutally expensive to string and restring, would be an incredible musical tool if you used it right.

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