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I just got back from a 10 day honeymoon/reconnosance trip around the state. If it had not been for the fact that we almost ran over a moose, we would have been convinced that Alaska was the land of sheep and bunnies with an occasional bald eagle. For most of the trip, we were convinced that bears were a marketing scam dreamed up by someone on wall street. Of course, we changed that opinion when we came across fresh bear tracks on a hike in the Wrangel Elias National Park. Luckily, we only saw 2 actual bears (1 crossing a road outside of Fairbanks, the other on a moutainside from a ferry).

As for the moose, well, we became convinced that they are unionized and unless they get paid, you won't see them. In reality, we did see a couple of moose. We came across a mom and twins in Denali Park - and we quickly retreated, I saw another moose and calf by a lake on the way to Valdez, but they were gone in just a moment, so my husband didn't see them. The moose we both definitely saw, was the one we almost hit. It was an adolescent and came running out of the bushes onto the road, we swerved into the oncoming lane (which fortunately was empty) and the moose swerved and ran alongside us for a bit, then ducted behind us and continued on across the street. So, we are convinced that Moose exist. But, we don't have any pictures to prove it.

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Animals in Alaska

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