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Don T.

The year: 1975
The place: a gravel road north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Driving with John K. who's greatest ability was to be able to quote ANY poem or song if you could give him the first line, with about four full lengths of flagging tape streaming behind the truck with the end disappearing in the dust cloud behind us.

You just never know when or where you'll find true genius.

flagging tape

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Researcher 93445

Well, I suppose that's one way to keep from getting rear-ended.

flagging conversation

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Not much feedback on this one, Mike.

A bit quiet generally, though.

(Sorry, couldn't think of anything to say but had to get the new title in somehow.)

I'll go check out researcher 11thingy's page shall I?

flagging conversation

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Researcher 93445

Well, there's really not a lot to say about some things. I mean, sooner or later we're going to get around to Entries on stuff like "potato crisp wrapper" that aren't likely to generate much feedback. Then again, I remain generally surprised at what does generate feedback. Weekends are usually bad, though. Most people most be stealing their online time from their employers. smiley - smiley

flagging tape

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John K. of SteppenWolf ?

flagging conversation

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I'm not really here

well I think that flagging tape was actually very well observed and by the way my entry did not get any feedback at all, and I thought it was most righteous.

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flagging tape

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