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Irritating glue

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I seem to have an allergy to the glue used to make the bandaid stick. After a few hours my skin develops a terrible itch an swells, at the same time becoming exceptionally tender. Removing the bandaid pulls the skin in addition to the hair, producing a wound far worse than the original.

There are bandaids with adhesive for "sensitive skin." These produce the same results twice as quickly, plus the actual bandage is thinner so it tears as it is removed, leaving lots of bits of flexible plastic still stuck to the skin and surrounding the bleeding, itchy hive. The bits of flexible plastic can only be removed by scraping.

I find a cotton ball fastened with cellophane tape much more effective.

Irritating glue

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Ooh, nasty. I admit I have sensitive skin too, but most times problems are due to a bandaid wrapped too tight and not "breathing". So I try to leave a few millimetres of space between the pad and the wound, and it usually heals better. That plastic usually doesn't breathe to well anyway, and sweating underneath could be part of the problem.

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