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Unsolicited 'Market Research' calls

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Several points;

1) Market Research companies belonging to the BMRA (Bristish MR Association) and/or MRS (MR Society) are exempt from TPS - i.e. if you subscribe they can still call (TPS screens out only sales-related calls - which genuine MR is not).


2) Most MR companies do not call TPS-registered numbers due to the likely response.

3) How MR companies can get your number;
a) Client supplied lists (eg from your bank if the study concerns your views on the service they provide).
b) Database companies - these firms record data supplied by individuals in response to postal 'lifestyle questionnaires'.

Hence, if you get a (genuine) MR call, it is likely that it will be relevant to you;

i) A company of whom your are a customer is trying to improve the product/service they offer to you.
ii) You have responded to a 'lifestyle questionnaire' and a company for whom you are a potential customer are interested in your views (in order to make their (potential) product/service more suitable).

Bad press, stemming from false/dubious MR companies/marketing campaigns has resulted in the introduction of TPS which is very damaging to genuine MR companies that base their figures on generalisable samples by contibuting to volounteer effect (Robert Rosenthal, 19?? [anyone??]).

It is my guess that most people with half a brain cell could determine whether a call is genuine MR or not. Therefore I suggest that whilst TPS is a useful time-saving service, it is not entirely in your interest to sign up for it, as you will be;

a) Lessening the chance of letting companies know what you think of them and improving services you receive/products you buy.
b) Wasting your time filling in 'lifestyle questionnaires' (those of you who do)

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Unsolicited 'Market Research' calls

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