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Researcher 202753

In your tips for visiting San Francisco, you advised, "The public transportation system is known as 'Muni', but do not rely on it for transportation."

MUNI is short for Municipal Railway, the municipal entity which controls buses, trains, and cable cars excluding the BART trains. Not only should you rely on it for transportation, but you will not be better served except by much more expensive taxi cabs. San Francisco's public transport is about as good as it gets anywhere.

Buses on typical routes arrive every 5 minutes or so. They arrive so often that no one would bother consulting a schedule other than to ascertain which bus to take. The MUNI tram line (the correct nomenclature here is MUNI Metro) travels underground routes ("subway" over here) and along surface streets where cars vie with automobile traffic. A second underground railroad is BART. You need not consult a schedule for the next MUNI Metro or BART trains either, at least during their 19-hour operating days. After hours, MUNI operates Owl service for certain bus lines. The important thing to note is that public transport operates round the clock, every day.

Further, on any of the Muni lines (but not BART), you can obtain a transfer ticket which can be used in any direction, even to complete a round trip, within 90 minutes after you leave the first carrier, and you are even allowed to obtain a second transfer. Few other bus lines in the States allow this multiple usage which only costs a measly dollar. (Cable car rides cost $2.) Public transport is so inexpensive in San Francisco that fare-jumping is almost non-existent. You may also purchase an all-day pass that allows unlimited travel on any MUNI carrier including cable cars. It's only $5.

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San Francisco MUNI

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riotact : like a phoenix from the ashes

i always thought muni was great. what's more, the drivers (or gripmen/brakemen on the cable cars) are often a kick in the pants. if you take the N line every day, the "going into a tunnel, following a white rabbit!" as you head to the haight gets tiresome, but it's pretty funny the first time.

btw, if you're tired of waiting for the cable car (too bad it's really ONLY for tourists now; not that long ago it was still viable public transport) try the historic streetcar lines.

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