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Kyle Katarn - I promise I'll get to you in a moment... but which moment?

I'm finishing up my update on wizards, but I couldn't put a link to your Earthsea Entry since it was being edited. Now I can, and did.

I was wondering, they always called the school Roke too right? Actually there are probably a lot of things I'm wondering about my Earthsea facts since I had to make reference to it so many times. I guess that's cause Ursula K Le Guin is the last of a dying breed of writer. I'm going to miss them all.

It's About Time

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Gnomon - time to move on

For future reference, you can link to an entry once it has been recommended. Use the search engine on the title of the entry and you will find there are two versions. One is the original, and the other is marked Recommended. This is the one that eventually becomes the Edited version, so it is OK to link to it in your entry. All this assumes of course that the other entry will get to be edited before your one does, but this is the normal course of events.

The School of Wizardry is often called 'Roke'. It's like saying "I'm going to Oxford" or "I'm going to Harvard". Both of these are places but can be used to mean the university.

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world of fantasy appeals to all alike

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Kyle Katarn - I promise I'll get to you in a moment... but which moment?

Yeah, except normal people who don't get it.

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