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I'm a dunny fan!!

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I'm pleased to say, that in this modern day and age, and in the depths of the city, I have a dunny. And more importantly, I don't have an indoor version. Yep, that's right, every time someone in my house needs to ummmm . . . spend a penny, it means a mad dash up to the far corner of the back yard.

Our dunny (and I believe, most dunnies) is a haven for spiders (usually just the non-threatening daddy longlegs variety, but you never know) as well as a pair of slugs who like to race each other up the wall. You just don't get that sort of entertainment with indoor plumbing! smiley - smiley

I'm a dunny fan!!

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doreiwolf (why not try A682652?) (Alpha Low Thingite Patron, Defender of Wibble, Pagan Younger and Official Pooper Scooper)

Oh I don't know. I've long since forsaken a dunny because I've moved into the inner city where such things simply don't exist in this town.

Even so, we still (somehow) get slugs, snails, daddy long-legs, a huntman or three and even a wolf-spider.

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