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Wrinkled Rocker

For those who may be interested, the South African expression for the long-drop outside privvy is a "kakhuis" - pronounced "cock-haze". Not always accepted in polite converstion in the past, such niceties now appear to be dwindling. The Afrikaans word has Dutch origins from "huys" meaning "house" and the other half is what you leave behind.
Also related slang includes "talking kak", "making kak" meaning creating a disturbance, and just being "in the kak".

This is NOT related to "kakhi", being the drab grey-brown colour.


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Researcher 191934

'Kak' or an equivalent-sounding word figures in many languages - small children were (maybe still are) told, "that's kakky", or words to that effect. "Cack-handed", meaning left-handed, surely originates from the Arab (& other?) habit, in waterless deserts, of using the right hand for clean tasks like eating, and the left for dirty tasks like bottom-cleansing. [Hence the severity of the penalty of having one's right hand removed]. All these terms seem to derive from the ancient Greek 'kakodes' - a stench. Hence too the organic chemist's name from the vilely smelling cacodyl compounds.

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