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you know kentucky fried chicken changed their name to KFC a while ago?
that was because they actually stopped using chicken so they weren't
allowed to use the name any more. They claimed it was because they did stuff that wasn't fried as well as the regular stuff but they actually genetically breed animals purely to use for meat... without feathers beaks or claws... bred to be fat and fed chemicals and blood through a tube. Not so tasty now huh :P


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Barry Bethel

You are *so* lying.


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*!&%%! Hippie

Nope, it's all true. The 'chickens' they use have been genetically modified to have twice the number of limbs (four legs, four wings). This is to avoid wastage as KFC sell more legs and wings than breast fillets.


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Some people believe anything if they see it on the internet or in an email. The chooks I buy from KFC, and all the other fast food chains, look exactly like the ones I used to kill and cook myself (in another life when I had the time!). I suppose you believe the one about the square oranges as well.
Stories like this are so similar to virus hoaxes, it's not funny.


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Researcher 93445

Ah well, it's all a little off the topic of chicken stock anyhow, now isn't it? I don't see the Colonel selling KFC stock in any case. Although, if you've had a big bucket of chicken, there's no reason not to make stock from those bones!

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