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Hot Desking

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My perspective on Hot Desking is that its a company / corporations way of telling you the bottom line.... That you are just a number, no more.

If your working under these conditions, it would probably be a mistake to ever expect consideration, compassion, appreciation or any other 'human' warmth of expression from your employer.

This is ok if your a young, tough, individualistic lizard who hates family or social connections and only ever strives for number one.

To me its just another anti - social corporate practice that is no better than an animal that feeds off its own young, one day its fertility will wane.....

Hot Desking

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I work in retailing, rather than an office, and one of the advantages of being on the move all day is that I can spend more time working with people that I like and avoiding those I like less (aren't I the tactful one). Isn't hot-desking like that?

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