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When you get your first job bartending you have to deal with the first dreaded shift when your friends have discovered you behind the bar.

First off they will ask to run a tab.
Once you stop laughing at them,they will usually want to play a rousing game of 'stump the chump'.
This is where they will ask you to make any obscure drink they can think of that nobody has ever heard of for no other reason than to make you look like a fool.

This is where one of the most important traits of a good bartender comes into play.
No matter what happens,you must always look like you know what you're doing.
If it's an odd drink,look it up.If need be you can ask them what goes in it.

You must never get flustered or lose control of the situation,pouring beer and mixing drinks is the easy part.The bartender must direct the door-man,waitstaff,bouncers,bus-boys and bar-backs.

Not to mention that there is an movement in the U.S. to make the bartenders legally responsible for the actions of drunken idiots(drunk drivers)as well as making sure everyone is of legal age.
Even if an minor makes it past the door-man(who cards them)you are legally responsible.If a waitress serves someone one too many and they get killed driving drunk,you can get sued even if you've never laid eyes on them before.

But all in all it's a fun gig,and the pay is good if you don't have all that fancy book learning yet.You also have the perfect excuse to talk to attractive members of the opposite sex(or same I suppose),plus they know you're gainfully employed already.

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A few additional points

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