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Forget Trent, go to Uni!

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Nottigham Uni Hiker

An awful lot of what is said here is true - however, why go to Trent (an ex-poly) when you could go to Nottingham University. Unless the course you want is only available at Trent, then Uni is a far better choice, for all of the following reasons:

- Larger Uni, better facilities
- Far more active Student's union/Athletic union
- High ranked by league tables and employers
- Better, cheaper accomodation
- More uni organised club nights, and events
- Campus Uni, without all the problems of the city centre
- Wonderful place to live, with a lot more facilities

I may be biased, I'm at Uni - but unless you really want to a specialist course at Trent, you'd be daft not to at least look at Uni!

Forget Trent, go to Uni!

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As a graduate of UoN, I've now become a post-grad at Trent. To be honest I'm surprised how much I like Trent, having built up such a negative attitude towards it during my undergraduate days... The facilities on Clifton Campus are great - at least for my course (a PGCE in the Education Dept).

Having said that, had UoN offered my course (no, they don't do a Secondary I.C.T. PGCE - how progressive!) I would have probably preferred there, but I'm pleasantly surprised with Trent.

Forget Trent, go to Uni!

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I must say that going to the no.1 psychology department in the UK, even better then Oxbridge, engenders a certain smugness, however I have nothing but respect for the good people at Trent, I'm living with a few. It sounds like they have better parties then us too.

You wouldn't believe the rumours that go round this campus though, when getting a place to live for next years some people aparently got the house over some trent students because the landlord didn't like trent students.

Plus it sucks being so far from town when your stuck on campus.

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