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beginner.. advice needed

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I haven't got a garden at home and am thinking about taking on a local allotment. Can anyone give some advice about what I should be looking for in a good plot?

beginner.. advice needed Allotment's

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approach the town hall, they "must" have a department to look after allotments. generally under the heading Parks and Gardens. remember each authority has a statuary obligation, its your right. but don't blunder in , go flat cap in hand and get your name down.Park's departments always have people that enjoys a good gossip. You want to find out where the best sight is. It needs to be popular,Have good drainage and a good water supply with no restrictions. Plenty of sun no shady spots, that is always a handicap. If it is popular it will have a good allotment society Join it. They will all so be a good supplier of tools cheap seeds and plant's neighbours will be the best source of information. they will know the nature of your soil. The first requirement. Is it acid or not?
, does it flood? or is it good drainage. The first question will be answered by the weeds on your plot,Yarrows,selfheal,knotgrass all prefer an acid soil.Clovers, dandeylions,buttercups like it alkaline I think? That is for you to find out. Take a hand full of soil, sniff it and just say arr or is it just,ahh, Say no more you will already have gone up in peoples estimation. Like the weeds the stink will tell you a lot.If it smells rancid drainage is bad. A neutral smell, not unpleasant, No problems. Look at the weeds, is it over grown with them?Are they lush and vigorous? no worries The soil is fertile. I am knackered, will continue tomorrow. but before I forget You are entitled to some help from the council. The best you can ask for is for them to spray with a Glyphosate,(Roundup) and to rotavate the second they have to do, not sure about the first. Though with a little experience you will appreciate the need for the weedkiller I shall tell you more about the weedkiller tomorrow.
Toodle oo for now. GRANDAD

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beginner.. advice needed

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