A Conversation for Sporks


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Nel Blu

Are sporks always plastic? Or do they come in other mediums as well? Because I've only seen plastic sporks.


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Nel Blu

Well, after reading the article, I answered my own question. Still, I've never seen a metal spork.....


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Scrottle on the bottle

I have a silver-plated spork with my name engraved that I assume some mad relative gave me at my christening. My daughter loves it and will eat with nothing else.


Post 4


I know that the boyscouts of america produce and sell a metal spork or at least they used to.


Post 5

the zen master of spork

I don't know if anyone cares anymore, but you can get sporks that are not plastic. For instance, many home and bath stores such as peir 1 imports and apex (I don't know if any other people have these stores where they live) sell stainless steel and silver sporks along with the other cutlery. Also, I have seen wooden sporks for sale but would not use them because of that woody taste. smiley - smiley


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