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Double doors

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Cheerful Dragon

This is a noticeable omission from your list. The definition should read something like this.

A pair of push, pull or (more rarely) swing doors. Often one of the pair is bolted shut for no obvious reason. Method of use: Push (or pull) one of the doors, without success. Pull (or push) the same door, again without success. Realise the door you just tried is bolted shut. Push (or pull) the other door - which ever you try, you will get it wrong. Pull (or push) the door, which now opens on your fourth attempt. Sneak through, embarrassed.

Unlike single doors, double doors are seldom (if ever) marked with which way they open.

Double doors

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Frankie Corridor

A glaring ommission indeed. In fact, the whole area of doors that don't even open is a fruitful one, I feel. Equal amounts of fun can be had from locked doors when you don't know which way the key turns, or even which key it is...


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