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Ugi - Keeper of typos & spelling errers - MAT (see A575912)

What a great entry!

I just stumbled here, but would like to mention that the BoP is the national flower of Madeira, on which I worte and entry yonks ago: A595974

My wife & I went to Maderia on honeymoon and bought some BoP seeds back with us. We had no idea how to grow them, and so they didn't get beaten up (I'll know to try that now), but what we did find was that putting them in a pot of damp compost in a plastic bag in the airing cupboard would make them germinate. Out of a few seeds we brought back, we have a single mature plant (well, 7 years old now) which seems to be a metaphore for our marriage - it has bloomed only once so far, at the time our daughter was born, and it has a second bloom just about to open. My wife expects our second child any day now (really)!

Our plant is fine in the garden in the summer in the UK (against a sunny wall), but comes indoors from autumn to spring.

One other thing I would mention for prospective growers is that the rhyzome is long and thin (think of a carrot), so you need a deep, narrow pot or it will keep poking out the bottom.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - applauseHey congrats!smiley - wow
I'll email this link to the author, she'll be chuffedsmiley - run

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