A Conversation for Wizard Lore - an Introduction


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Tyler Sky Black

One of my favourite wizards is Pug from Raymond E. Feists Riftwar saga. Mainly because of the character development within the story. One of my problems with wizards like Gandalf is that we never get a true idea of the hardships they suffered to become a wizard, and the source of all their power. I like my wizards to be very human, fallible characters. Polgara and Belgarath from the Belgariad are another good example of wizards with solid character development.

The thing which is great about Garion from the Belgariad, and Pug from Riftwar, is that they start off normal guys and discover their power. I could never be that impressed by a powerful character being shoved in my face, and just being expected to accept it with no backstory or explanation.


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